Coral Mint Marmoucha rug 005

Moroccan Marmoucha rug, handmade by our women weavers cooperative in Morocco.
Unique. 100% wool. Dimensions : 250cm x 170cm

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Marmoucha are an incredible type of berber rugs including abstract and tribal graphics. Embedded with several patterns, they are exceptionnally thick and heavy – probably the most comfortable type of rugs of all !

Such as any other original moroccan carpets, Marmoucha are hand wooven using a 100% natural wool from the Atlas Mountains. Each piece is unique.

Shipment and care

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Like every original moroccan rugs, fringes are normally only on one side. Weavers start their work by a row of knots. Then, they finally completed their artwork with the fringes. There might be exceptions but it’s pretty rare.

You can wash it by hand using cold water and laundry soap. Then, rinse it with cold water again. Let it fully dry in the sun if you can, ensuring that it’s no longer humid before placing it back. Finally, brush it to remove excess wool.

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